Chapter Six, Update 1

Chapter VI: Practice
Kizo pulled back his face, twisting around to look at Chambo. “Yah, I don’t see anything either.” He turned around now. “I think we’re clear for flight.”
Narl’s eyes shifted around with his weight. “Alright.” He signaled Chambo with his hand. The stub-tailed mrow leaped down and over to the open door of the striker. Kishi helped to pull him inside. Kizo and Narl walked inside the building to the communications area. He pushed a button. “Audio check.”
Kishi replied first, voice sharp as ever. “We can hear you.”
Xof was second. “You’re good.” She looked over the back of the chair. Anaxandrea sat on the floor of the Striker, her legs crossed over. Her mouth was shut loosly and off. “You feeling alright, Anax?” Xof called back. She was trying to keep her voice steady.
“I’m ready.” Anax replied in the same tone, trying to cover any uneasiness. She put her hands behind her for balance.
Kishi came back over the speakers. “Can we lift-off?”
“Yes.” Kizo replied. “Flight in 3…2…1.”
The egg-shaped ship lowered it’s wings. It rolled forward, slowly at fist but gaining speed expontentially. The tip tilted up ward and it rose into the sky with a red glowing tail of energy. Xof and Anaxandrea watched from the open window as the Striker became a smudge in the sky.
“Alright…we’re flying.” Kishi’s voice sounded a little bit releived.
Kizo spoke to the orange-tipped female now. “Are you ready?”
Xof nodded a single time at Anax, who immediately repeated the gesture, and turned to be closer to the speaker. “We’re ready.’’
“Okay. Flight in 3…2…1.”
She gripped the steering stick firmly so she could feel it against all her fingers. Xof leaned forward and pulled up. The engine rumbled as it lifted into sky. Xof’s flight was not as steady as Kishi’s. The Striker quivered, rocking back and forth in its accent, before she was able to find the right balance. Anaxandrea was pushed against the backwall, her horns tapping against the metal as the entire ship bobbled. They made it.


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