Chapter Six, Update 3

I’m back. For those of you who read this and don’t watch me on DeviantART (my username is lucheek there, too), my sister and I have made a deal to motivate eachother to do more writing. We are ‘exchaning’ at least 600 words every Sunday. Since we live together, it’ll be easier for us to bother the other in the case of missed updates. So, Meribellian Chronicles is back alive again. Expect updates of at least 600 words every Sunday now!

I kind of feel bad since this is still a pretty uneventful update and you all waited so long for it, but I promise stuff is going to happen soon. Like… real stuff.
“Okay I think it’s your turn, Xof. Anax.” Kizo said.
Leaning toward the communicator, Xof confirmed. “Alright.”
“Just start with a simple turn,” he replied.
The tentacle-topped mrow didn’t respond in words, but rather action. She pushed against the Steering Stick, shifting her weight out from her shoulders. Suddenly, the Striker jeered left. Anaxandrea gasped, quickly shifting her footing and extending her arms to keep her from falling over. Just as quickly as she had turned the ship, Xof released the pressure on the steering. The stop jerked them forward, leaving them gasping.
“I…” Kizo took a moment to gather his words. “I don’t think that was very good.”
“Try not to be as jerky… there’s not a whole lot out there for you to hit.” Narl added. He opened his mouth, about to almost offer advice on the use of the use of the Steering Stick. He stopped, though, realizing he had never flown a Striker and it could, and most likely, handled completely differently than a ‘Wok.
“Alright.” Xof’s voice was sturdy. She leaned forward, directing the stick with her paws. The ship curved slower and gentler this time. Anaxandrea started piercingly at Xof’s hands from behind.
“It’ll curve out more if you go faster.” Kishi said quickly from her ship.
Kizo followed the comment immediately with, “Accelerate a little.”
Xof, subconsciously forgetting the location of the voices, nodded. She pushed forward, and the Striker sped up. “Anax, let’s try descending.” Xof straightened the path of the ship, keeping a constant speed, as she spoke.
The orange mrow confirmed her partner with a quick ‘yes’ and pushed the button. The Striker dived downward. “Release.” She commanded, and the ship straightened up. It was a weird feeling for the mrows onboard. They had seconds ago felt themselves dip down, and now felt as if they stood straight up. Right after each other, these feelings gave a sense of off and wrongness to the mrows. They both ignored their minds worry, however, and moved on. “Ascend.” Xof ordered strictly, but not cruelly.
Anax obeyed. The Striker curved upward quickly. Xof pushed in on the Steering Stick even harder and the ship nearly looped over. The inertia pushed Anax back with a jolt. Letting go of the stick suddenly, the Ship came to a complete halt. It stopped too fast for the gravity to adjust smoothly, and the two were tossed about for a second. Anax strained her legs to stay steady. Xof grabbed the chair and screeched.
Narl lunged forward toward the controls. “Everything okay?” He demanded.
Catching her breath, Xof replied a little shakily. “Yes…we’re fine. I just…something came over me.” It was hard for her to speak clearly, it felt as if her mind hadn’t yet adjusted from the rapid jolts of movement.
“Kamisho…” Anax whispered. Xof pricked her ears toward her and turned. Anax was standing unnaturally stiff, and her eyes seemed distant but focused with ferocity. She was taken aback slightly by the look of the orange mrow. Normally, Anaxandrea was unimposing, but now she was intimidating with some kind of determination. The curving ram horns even seemed sharper and larger.
“Yes… I… I remembered him for a second there.” Xof sighed.
Narl curled his lips downward and stressed his neck briefly. His eyes flashed a doubtful look, but quickly turned into a confident pride. “Don’t be scared,” he asserted. Kizo shot him a look of confusion, but Narl paid no attention to the one-armed mrow, and Kizo turned back.
Xof clenched her hands. “I won’t be.” She rotated her shoulders, preparing to guide the Striker again.
“Wait!” Anax exclaimed. Xof turned, easing her grip. The intimidating aura of Anax hadn’t disappeared, but was weaker now. Her meekness showed more clearly as she looked away from Xof’s eyes. “Can…” She breathed deeply and look up. “Can I try flying, flying the ship?”
Although both opened their mouths to respond, Narl spoke before Kizo or Xof could. “Yes. We want everybody to learn. Just in case.”
“Alright.” Xof carefully lifted herself from the seat, cautious not to bump any button or sensitive switch as she did. Anaxandrea nodded to her respectfully and sat down.


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