Chapter Six, Update 4

Anax took a deep breath, letting her body sink into the chair. When she leaned forward, it was with great determination and strength. She grabbed the Steering Stick with both hands. The Striker didn’t lunge forward, but slid smoothly into motion.
When Xof, and even Kishi, had flown the ships, they were fully aware that they were controlling an outside mechanism artificially. They gave the machine commands through the stick. Anaxandrea felt different. In the moment she put her hands on the controls, the ship became her. She felt as if her presence and energy now encompassed all of the metallic shell. Her eyesight changed. She could see out the window, into the black space, her peripheral vision sharpening. And, somehow, at the same time, everything blurred. Only the space was clear.
Anaxandrea was hardly conscience of her voice as she spoke orders to Xof. “Ascend.” “Descend.” She was tacit, calm, and precise. She maneuvered the Striker with ease, rotating the ship as if it was her palm.
The other mrows observed in silence and awe. Xof was the most stricken with Anaxandrea’s prowess. She was tempted to just stare at her orange face instead of the controls she was responsible for. “I…” Xof gathered her tongue. “I think you should always be the one to pilot,” She said.
“Defininatly!” Kizo added over the communicator. “That’s beautiful flying…! Have you done this before?” He leaned forward as he spoke.
“No,” Anax said in her normally reserved voice. “I use to drive some ‘Woks… back there, but never a ship. But I like driving. I would like to be pilot.”
Xof laughed humbly. Her shoulders shook so that the drooping tentacles from her head bounced. “That’s perfectly fine with me, captain!”
Kizo agreed again, and turned to look at Narl. Even he seemed to be smiling a bit.
“Look sharp!” Kishi suddenly hissed, the harsh tone magnified over the electronic system.


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