Added character profiles page!

Viola! A character profiles page! Right now there are bios for Narl, Chambo, and Xof. I will be adding the other characters, don’t worry. Right now there is no information about their ages. I would like to add this, but I’m not sure how to do so. Mrows do not live as long as humans, and there for age/mature faster. Not to mention that Meribellian years are diffrent than earth years. I’m not sure if I should just list their 1) mental age in regular human life-span/Earth years 2) actual age in earth years or 3) age in meribellian years. And if I do something with actual Mrow life-span/Meribellian years it might be hard to translate that information to something useful (like their maturity…) Alas! You can enjoy that now.


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