Chapter Six, Update 5

A light pink glow had appeared in the dark void. It grew brighter and larger, soon revealing a large ship heading toward the two, stray Strikers.
“What is that thing?” Xof asked quickly.
“According to our reads, it’s a Floofnay.” Narl replied.
Chambo confirmed it. “Visually, it’s defiantly a Floofnay.” They were both very used to the enormous, rounded ships. The Floofnay was the most popular model for cargo-ships, and the most common ship to see when the Port was still in function. All the slaves there had seen them day in and day out.
There was a soft hum over the communicator. As the Floofnay grew closer, it’s connections linked with the Striker’s. “Unidentified pilots!” A stern Gowak voice called. “Please clear the way.”
The mrows in the ships looked around nervously. Anax lowered herself out of the way compliantly. Kishi, seeing this, followed her. The Floofnay could move through now.
“Idenitify yourself.” The Gowak repeated.
Chambo clenched his throat with his hand, clenching his throat to deepen his voice to the more reptilian sound. “This Port is under blockade. You cannot land here.” He was in a cold sweat.
Luckily, the large cargo pilot believed the bluff. “I know that… this food is going straight to Vantessa.” But before Chambo could sigh from relief, a thought came over him. The same thought came over all the mrows, ship-bound and on the ground. Food. The rebels were in desperate need of it… The former-slaves were used to low rations, but their supply was dwindling and near empty. They needed this shipment.
Narl broke the silence. He roared over the communicator, “Shoot the front! Try to keep the cargo and the bottom intact!”
The Floofnay could hear him too, of course. “What in the hell? Shoot? Who the hell is that? Identif-“
Anax lifted her Striker back up, almost swinging it forward through space. Xof pushed down the small wire on the floor. The wire connected and completed the circuit for the gun- and fired.
The Floofnay took a direct hit right above the cabin.
“Kirf!” The gowak yelled.
Kishi and Chambo fired from the other side. The two ships kept a steady stream of energy on the huge ship.
“Maday! Maday!” Cries of distressed filled the communicators. The Floofnay began to turn, but it was a slow ship. The turn took dreadfully too long for the pilot. The cries stopped suddenly with a large crack. The communicator, and the cabin, of the Floofnay had been all but torn from the cargo hold. The engine began to flicker, sparks of energy flying out from the hole.
“Get behind it! Avoid the wreckage!” Narl hissed.


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