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Chapter Six, Update Seven

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An update! A real, live update! Unbeilivable, I know.

This is the last part of Chapter Six. I’ll condense it next week when Chapter Seven starts. Also, the Character Profiles and Art pages have been updated.. Thanks for reading everybody!

“Well, what should we do until then?” Kizo pondered.
Narl paused for a second, eyes focused but on nothing in particular. “Everybody needs to get back into the Strikers. A missing Floofnay will get the attention of the city.” Anaxandrea, Xof, and Kishi nodded and obediently dashed back to their ships. Chambo and Kizo stayed behind.
“If they decide to take the offense, we have no chance.” Chambo blurted out quickly. “We have to hope they keep up the isolation…”
“Even if they don’t take the offense, we won’t be able to be isolated for very long. We’ll need more supplies,” Narl replied, turning to look the black mrow in the eyes.
Kizo stretched his chest forward, his spine rolling in the smooth motion as he gestured with his arm. “Then what are we going to do? We have two ships with ground rifles on them. They’d hardly need to send more than one real battle unit and we’re all gone.”
“We’re going to have to hope they don’t attack the port directly, at the very least,” said Narl.
“Hope isn’t going to get us very far,” Kizo hissed dryly. Chambo put his thick hand on the gray one’s shoulder. Kizo turned, seeing that he was giving him a harsh face. Chambo agreed with the point Kizo made… but this was a reminder to be more respectful. Respect, or rather, nervousness around superiors, had been well taught to them before.
Narl looked down, twitching his ears back and forth as he thought. His lips mouthed words, but he said nothing and looked at nobody. “We need more supplies…more mrows…” He looked up and spoke more surely. “Right now we’re weak. We’re going to need a stronger force and more space to work with if we’re to win this.”
The words struck the others with paralyzation for a few moments. Despite all the great changes that had happened during such a short time, life felt like just a fleeting fight for survival as it had always been. To win this? They’re lives were no longer a reaction, but action. This…whatever ‘this’ was… wasn’t just them, but for many others…all the mrows.
The thoughts flew quickly threw the heads of everybody there, although nobody really thought the words themselves, but the feeling.
Kizo spoke out. “But where are we going to get that? We can’t take Vantessa, not now. Anywhere else would require us to go over Vantessa, too. We’re locked down here.”
Narl replied quicker than Kizo expected. “No… we can’t go to Vantessa. We’ll have to reach somewhere with free flight space.”
“Didn’t you hear me? There isn’t any place around here with free space. It’s all guarded…probably even more now!” Kizo exclaimed.
“Fums. There’s barely a ship near it ever,” Narl snapped.
“Fums?” Chambo repeated. “The prison…?”
Kizo laughed. “Yeah, why don’t we just admit defeat now and fly our selves straight to prison. Skip the middle step.”
“No,” Narl spoke firmly. “The mrows there will be more than willing to fight.”
Chambo rubbed his arm nervously. “Willing, yes, but I don’t know if any Fums cast-offs will have any strength to do so.”
“We’ll feed them…” He mused. “I hear rumours, too, that Fums is littered with reckage of ships that were raided and destroyed by the cast-offs. Maybe some of it is savagable for us?”
“We barely have enough food as it is,” said Kizo weakly.
Chambo nodded. “That’s true… but I think it’s our only option at the moment. It can’t hurt to have more bodies.”
Kizo grumbled. There weren’t many choices available to them… it was a desperate plan, indeed.
“Tommorow. We’ll take some of this food here and fly to Fums, and bring back some recruits,” Narl commanded. “Hopefully the flight space between here and that wretched rock isn’t patrolled at all. We’ll be able to make multiple trips.”
“I can’t imagine the Gowaks would waste much time with Fums…it’s point is complete isolation, anyways.” Chambo affirmed the statement.
“We need to tell the others…” Narl mused, already beginning to walk briskly back to the port. “Then we’ll scavange the Floofnay.”


And, again, no update.

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I’m sorry to keep missing updates like this. I am less sickly than I was last week, but my head still feels cloudy and I don’t feel comfurtable expressing any complex idea without the use of lots of hand gestures and made up words right now. Though I hate to miss updates, I don’t want to write something awful just to have it written.

If you are looking for some writings, I highly reccomend you check out my sister Artemis’s work here She is actually a writer (I’m just an artist who likes to pretend she is on Sundays) and is very talented. She’s working on multiple stories right now. I’m actually supposed to be motivating her into updating more, but doing a terrible job of it. But, none the less, I would check her out. 😀

-slithers back to bed with the tissue box-

Missed Update

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Sorry, I’m not going to update this week. I’ve been kind of blarghnarghnargh this week and I don’t think I’d be able to write anything at the moment. I apologize, but I hope you all understand.


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Chapter Six, Update Six

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Well, it’s 9:46 PM but I did update! Ha-ha!

The Strikers followed the command, pulling back behind the falling Floofnay. The damaged ship accelerated as it grew closer and closer to the planet. Flickering lights and sparks became flame as it dropped into the atmosphere.
“There’s not going to be anything left of it by the time it lands!” Kishi cried.
“The hold is made to extremely resistant to all outer force,” Narl replied quickly. “Let’s just hope it holds up.”
From the look of it, the Floofnay already looked destroyed. The front was nothing but ruin, pieces of shrapnel built to be on the inside flew behind it. The outside of the cargo hold shone with heat.
Narl turned his head toward Kizo. He gaped his mouth open wide, but forgot his companion’s name. In lack of time to think, Narl pushed against Kizo’s shoulders. “Go! Tell everybody to get to the far side of the port. We don’t know how big a wreck it will make.”
Kizo instinctively whipped out his paw, almost about to smack Narl in retaliation for the shove, but stopped himself. He nodded firmly and dashed out. Narl looked back onto the communicator. “Where are you?”
“We’re coming in fast,” Xof replied. “I can see ground… the Floofnay is ahead of us.”
“It’s still speeding up,” called out Anax.
Almost instantaneously, the huge space craft had hit the ground. The resulting crash of metal on ground and clambering of the ship crunching into itself was monstrous. The floor throughout the Ship Port rumbled and shook. Many of the mrows dropped to their knees, clamping their hands over their ears in pain. Even after landing, the Floofnay continued to crackle as the flames from re-entry burned out against the dirt and sand.
Anaxandrea and Kishi leveled their Strikers, pulling around to the opposite side of the port to land. None of the four mrows on the inside of those ships took time to reflect on their successful landings, jumping out and running toward the crashed cargo hold.
Narl was already there, panting. He knew when Xof, Anaxandrea, Kishi and Chambo where behind him without even turning around. Extending his arm outward to block the path, he said “We have to wait for it to cool off.”
Xof pulled her arms in close to her chest. Her eyes were wearily scanning the crackling monolith. “Do you think anything is going to survive through that?”
He paused for a second. His back raised and fell with his breathing chest. “I…” Narl stumbled on his word. “I think… something will. Something has had to survive it.”
“Let’s hope it’s something edible.”
Kizo’s footsteps pounded against the packed dirt and sand. He ran out of the Ship Port. “Nobody got hurt, other than maybe some minor bruises for the shock!”
“Good,” Narl looked back at Kizo , and then turned around to observe more.
“How long do you think until we can go check it?” Kizo asked. He scratched his ear with his hand.
“Not for at least an hour, to be safe,” said Narl.
Chambo smiled and chuckled quietly to himself. It wasn’t a very common occurrence for the gangly white mrow to think “safely”.

As a fun fact, the Floofnay was named by my friend a long time ago. I was drawing basic designs of various Meribellian Ships. She pointed at the one I had labeled “Space 18-Wheeler” and said it was cute and looked like a ‘Floofnay.’ I asked her what that meant, and she said she didn’t know but it seemd like one. So, thus, it became a Floofnay.

Its a fun word to say. Flooooofnaaay

Delay Update

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Update will be on Monday. Sorry for the delay!