And, again, no update.

I’m sorry to keep missing updates like this. I am less sickly than I was last week, but my head still feels cloudy and I don’t feel comfurtable expressing any complex idea without the use of lots of hand gestures and made up words right now. Though I hate to miss updates, I don’t want to write something awful just to have it written.

If you are looking for some writings, I highly reccomend you check out my sister Artemis’s work here She is actually a writer (I’m just an artist who likes to pretend she is on Sundays) and is very talented. She’s working on multiple stories right now. I’m actually supposed to be motivating her into updating more, but doing a terrible job of it. But, none the less, I would check her out. šŸ˜€

-slithers back to bed with the tissue box-


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