Meribellian Chronicles  follows a small group of the alein race Mrows fighting for freedom against their slave-masters Gowaks. The mrows are intelligent, bipedal cat-like marsupials that are native to the planet Meribel. Gowaks, however, are black amoprhous blobs from the planent Hisst with the power to posses other creatures. After centuries of possesing the reptilian creature, the Gowaks have taken the common form of large plumed crocodilian aleins, but underneath every one of these skins in the black true form. Read the story to find out how, if at all, a derranged but noble beserker can organize and lead a rebellion of broken mrows against creatures twice their size!

This webstory is written by Lucheek, who can be found at Deviantart and FurAffinity. Meribellian Chronicles is ‘rated’ PG-13 for graphic violence and dark/scary themes and updates every Sunday with about 600 or more words.


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