World Information

Geographical Map of Meribel

Geographical Map of Meribel

(Names in quoation marks are temporary names.)

A- “Northern Ice Cap.”  Inhabited by plants and animals

B- “Western Range.” Youngest, tallest and steepest mountains.

C- “The Ocean.”  Is actually freshwater, as is all water on Meribel.

D- “Tropical Area.” Largest forest.

E- “Tributary River.” Mountain tributaries meet here and flow into ocean.

F- “Southern Range.” Oldest mountains, dry and eroded with lots of mesas.

G- “Northern Range.”

H- “Rift/Fault Line.” Caused by shifting tectonic plates, lots of earthqaukes around this area.

I- “Volcanoe Area.” Volcanoes and giesers can be found all along the “Western Range” but they are most common here.

J- “Exo-Basin Area.” Desert; The eastern side is slightly more lively

K- “Exo-Basin Area.” Desert.

L- “Plains.”

M- “South Pole.” No ice, just really cold rocks. Uninhabited.

N- “Lake.” Only other noticable body of water besides the Ocean.

O- “Foot Hills.”

P- “Arid Land.” Craigly and aridish, think “West Texas.”

Q- “Western Tributary River.”

R- “Great Basin” The land incircled by the mountain ranges is actually at a lower elevation than the exo-basin area.

S- “North Forest.” Non-tropical forest.

T- “West Forest.” Non-tropical forest.


5 Responses to “World Information”

  1. Wow, Lucheek, this is nice. Only in the greatest novels do you see world maps.

  2. I might just be missing something, but…where, exactly, is the Rebellion’s canyon thing situated?

    • (oh goodness people are reading this need to update ugh…)

      The Rebel’s canyon area is in the northern arid area, around where the “P” is.

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