Character Profiles

Be warned! These descreptions may contain spoilers!

Gender: Male
Height: 3″1′ (94 cm)
Relations: Wife, Faye(Deceased)
Once a mechanic slave, the murder of his wife drove Narl over the edge. His anger for his owners lead him to a rage to murder all of the Gowaks at the Ship Port. His anger was then focused into a revolution against the Gowaks. Although his thoughts are clouded and muddeled by rage and depression, Narl inspires and leads the other slaves toward freedom. He seems to posses almost unnatural stamina and strength for a mrow.

Gender: Male
Height: 3″1 (94 cm)
Relations: None
Though always disdainful of his slave masters, Chambo never obtained the courage to revolt until seeing Narl. His pragmatic reasoning and technical skills has lead him to become Narl’s right-hand-man. While very reasonable, he displays a positive attitude even if very negative situations.

Gender: Female
Height: 2″11′ (89 cm)
Relations: Twin, Kamisho (Missing)
Defined mostly by her sharp wit and sense of humour, Xof is a pleasent character to be with. Although she doesn’t realize is, Xof is incredibly social. Being around others that she trusts brings out the couragous and logical side of her. When alone, Xof is actually prone to nervousness and anxeity. This is presenting a problem in that her normal companion, her brother, has gone missing, but Xof is quickly making friends with the other rebels.
Gender: Male
Height: 3″ (91 cm)
Relations: Sister (Name Unknown)
Kizo is a grouchy, disillusioned one. He is always contary to everybody and everything around him. At first, he scoffed Narl’s idea of rebellion as doomed for failure, but the hope he kept secret in his heart over came him. Kizo now makes sure to follow Narl around and play the Devil’s Advocate and (at least in his mind) the voice of Reason. He likes to pretend his is stubborn, but really isn’t. In general, he gives off a front of being completly disagreeable and pessimistic, and hides his hope and desire to trust others. The loss of his arm in the Rebellion has been quite a shock for him, but Kizo is doing everything he can to not let anybody else know that he is at all bothered by it.

*Heights are measured to the top of the head and do not include ears.


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