The Trinity

Most of the Technology on Meribel relies on the combonation of Merr, Leppa, and Pike known as the “Trinity.” While other forms of energy are available, such as electricity, the Trinity is the strongest and most used method on the planet. The exact discovery of the Trinity and its effects are lost to history, though there are several myths/legends about it.

Merr is the most common out of the three. It is a super dense, extremly heavy red element. Leppa is characterized by its yellow color with grey/brown fletching. Pike is the rarest of the three and is slick and metallic.

Although stable around all other materials, Merr is highly reactive to Pike. Physical contact between the two elements causes the bonds in the Merr to break, releasing a powerful light-red colored blast of energy for the entire Merr surface. The longer phsyical connection between Merr and Pike is made, the longer the energy will continue to be released. The red laser, and Merr itself, is highly attracted to Leppa. A well-positioned Leppa ring can be fitted onto a peice of Merr. This will cause the energy to be directed out the ring to create a laser. Different shapes of the Leppa Ring are utilized to manipulate the released energy for diffrent purposes, such as weapons and engines. As the Trinity is used and the Merr is converted into energy, it is worn down. Machines meant to last for a long time, like Ship engines, can replace the Merr.

Technology Dependent on the Trinity
Modified Striker


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